Biggest Paintball Moments of 2019

As I do from year to year and hobby to hobby, I put up a list of things at the end of the year. As a gamer, I'd put up a top 10 list of games on the main GameBlips website. Here I may not have 10 to fill (especially since I started back in 6 months ago...) so I'll have my most favorite moments for the 2nd half of 2019. 😄

So, in no particular order, here we go:
I am the ChoSanJuan
  • Coming back to the game - Michigan Monster Game 2019. It was my time to come back and see if I can still keep up now that I'm in my 40s. Short answer: YES! Coming back to the sport is probably one of the best things I've done in years. Bringing out old skills, applying new skills on top of the old ones, remembering how good I feel playing, showing up some of the young whippersnappers that crusty old gear still rocks and it only takes one ball for an elimination. Reconnecting with a fellow pump player and an old friend in a common passion. Thank you, Chad.
    (It was also the inaugural use of #oldfartpaintball LOL!)
  • Playing my first tournament in over 10 years - Only being less than 6 months back, I made a decision to play a tournament (against my better judgement...) with Mkeeks and a really cool dude from Northern Illinois... and then another one. I couldn't have asked for a better day out and team of people to share in a helluva good time! WWMD FTW!
  • Hand building my Spump - Having too many Spyders (can't be, right?!?!) I decided to take one of them and convert a Stacked Tube Blowback into a pump action marker. Being a fan of pump markers (already owned 2 Kingman Hammers) going from a Nelson based pump to a Sheridan style pump is a huge departure with the shooting style. Either way, it was a great way to brush up on being an old PTi C2/C3 Airsmith with new skills and technology. 2 months after the Michigan Monster Game, I had a new pump Spyder!
  • Got something other than another Spyder - Those that know me is that I'm a HUGE Kingman loyalist. (self appointed Kingman Whore, if you may...) I am a fan of knocking out the competition with a "lowly starter marker" and proving that the platform is viable, regardless of how much the money you didn't spend on this year's new-new. So keeping with that same theory, I got something non-Kingman. In October, I acquired a Smart Parts Ion. Back in 2006, it was the bane of the community (all Smart Parts politics aside) because it was the most inexpensive marker on the market that was truly Electropneumatic with all the bells and whistles. Used it in the tournament... It did not disappoint! 
  • Got my first Autococker - Oh dang... I turned my back on Kingman again??!?!? Yep! So I have always wanted an Autococker. A friend reached out to me a in November offering up his "special" Autococker... Special, you say? It's a 99 STO Autococker! He is also in Wisconsin and is really just an hour+ away. He also saw that I was starting to play again. Since he doesn't play much anymore, so he got a hold of me on Facebook and said it's mine for the right price. Not only did I get a collector's version of an Autococker, it was a sought after STO! Merry Christmas to me!
  • Meeting some great peeps - I'll be talking more about the specific people that run The Siege in a few minutes. More on some of the great players I've run into in 2019. Scott/Skipdogg: Another pump brother! This spun me over to meeting Miles and then getting connected with the Eleminati Pump group! The community is vast and great!
  • Steeped myself deeper into the 3D printing community - So I started with printing a couple of existing pieces for my days at Michigan Monster Game. Some fun ways to bring a bit of variety along with the Kingman Hammer. Printed some Revolverloaders and Mexican Gatling Gun loaders. Modeled a buttplate with a TPU cushion for my 2" Co2 tank. Started making parts for Spyders like TPU Striker Buffers for both Fatty and slim striker bodies. New Spring guides that bulk adjust velocity. Designed up barrel adapters for all my Spyder barrels to be used on the Ion and the Autococker and the Brass Eagle Tigershark (don't ask me why I have it...) Now i'm dabbling with Magfed style play and instead of investing in another marker that is made for Magfed, I'm printing existing magwells to accept TMC mags as well as converting the Tigershark to accept TiPX mags. The list goes on and am so happy that all my new printing and design skills can transfer over to another one of may passions.
  • Brought more people to the sport - August was the time to share my passion with some peeps. 2 of them have been my close and personal Paintball bros. It's been a great 6 months with Mkeeks and Dunlager (and Dude too!) so let's keep on rocking out With Intent into 2020 and beyond!
  • Finding my new home field - While there aren't many choices in the local area anymore, I was able to find a great field that offers both outdoor courses and an indoor airball field. The field is great and the staff is even better! Mark, Doug, Jim, Rob (and everyone else at The Siege...) YOU GUYS ROCK!
OK, so it was nine items... and some of these are a no brainer especially since a good portion were already highlighted in existing posts. Even though this is what feels like what was noteworthy for time between July to December 31st, everything means something and all of it will continue to push me to be a better person on and off the field in 2020.

See you at the 50!

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