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Hello Spydarm, my old friend...


I've come to rebuild you again.

So I robbed Peter to pay Paul and I have an amazing Spump build to show for it. I kept the body of the Spydarm since it was a reminder of my tinkering past. Now it's time to apply my new skills to an old marker.

Going through my old gear bins, I have scavenged these parts for the build:

  • Original Spydarm body
  • Modern pullpin RVA 
    • Need to modify or source an older generation
  • Stock main spring
  • Stock bolt
  • Slim striker
I also just purchased an old skool single trigger frame from another user on MCB.

Things to replace/fabricate:
  • Striker buffer
  • Main spring guide
  • Metal spring guide plate
  • Pull pin
  • Valve pin
  • Cupseal
  • Valve spring
  • Valve
  • Ball detent
  • Detent plate
    • New parts came in!
    • Bore out and retap for horizontal 12 gram bucket changer
    • Cap the bottom in a less janky way
  • Modify the feed tube with a true follower and spring guide


Got the grip for the frame!

Shout-out to Mike@NDS on MCB for picking up on the grip for the previously shipped frame! He gave me a few options from an A2 to the original Euro and also a Ramline. From what I could tell, the Ramline and A2 were too m16-y (my Closed Bolt Spyder had an m16 grip waaaaay back in the day so I wasn't keen on it indexing like a rifle rather than a pistol.) I chose to go with the grip this frame came with, originally, the Euro style. It seemed to be the most pistol-like.

In the hands, it feels quite good! It indexes well even in these early stages. While looking at the bottom of the grip, it seems that I will need make a plate for the retaining screw. While not needed, as a regular bolt and washer will do just fine, designing up a recessed cap and washer retainer would really help tie the project together.


Small change to the Spydarm today!

Some new parts came in!
I found some cool rear cocking conversion for Mkeeks' Spyder Pilot so it's not just some normal knurled cocking knob coming out the upper tube. The overall amount of reciprocating mass from the weight of the bolt doesn't seem to impact cycling times but I won't fully know till I can safely get air into the valve and not risk a violent decompression from the bucket changer.

The other part that came in is a pretty standard Autococker-style pushpin to hold in all the internals. It holds guts in.

Looking over this build, I have a deadline to complete this revive: One week before the Big Money, Cheap Guns Paintball Tournament, February, 23, 2020!

This is on the board to be the next tournament
Then I've got a mega custom marker to bring and (hopefully) guarantee me into the highlight video!

I've got another Spyder to pick up at the aforementioned game in St Louis...

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