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She Lives! (EM1 Rebuild)


As I have been making my return to paintball in July (stopped playing, 2007) I'm slowly rebuilding all my main Spyders (and building my Spump...) My Hammer was first and now Emmie is back up and running!

When I machined my grip frame off around 2002 to add a double trigger, the meat on the bottom of the tray was really thin. I knew there was going to be a day where the back end screw would tear out the aluminum. It happened on July 4th. Didn't even have a chance to play with it.

I did a quick part modeling and printed a solid bracket to give a bunch of meat for the grip frame to snuggle up to the tray again. Slapped her all back together, aired up and got her to cycle.

Life is good.


Cycling video:


Made a friction fit battery door. Haven't had one in there for over 10 years! LOL! Final version is in black.



Rebuild Kit
I picked up a rebuild kit to make sure Emmie was ready for the big day on 9/29. Used the majority of the kit and slapped it all back together. The only issue is that I was so excited that I rushed putting back together. The lower tube houses the ram. If the sleeve for the ram is reassembled upside-down, no air can deliver and the marker won't fire. This is no good.

Let's play:
Where's The Dot?
So we drive for almost 2 hours on the 28th and prep at the hotel the night before. Meet the rest of the group at the field on Sunday morning and unpacked in the staging area. After getting signed in, we hit the crono and the ram isn't even moving. I thought it was the pack of meh genero 9v batteries I got from Batteries Plus. After reaching it for about a half HR and missing 2 games, I gave up and used the AMG LCD for the rest of the day.

So learn from this cautionary tale: Don't rush your marker reassembly. You're Going to have a bad time.

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