The Nelson Brothers (3 Kingman Hammers!)

No, not those Nelsons... 
Back in the day, there were more markers from Kingman, other than the Spyder. Hammer A (original with aluminum frame), Hammer P (with plastic frame), Hammer Plus (with powerfeed), New Hammer (powerfeed and plastic 45 grip), Hammer 2 (Sterling based), and there was also a semi auto Hammer 3. Here we are going to be talking about the Nelsons that were released around 1994. 

APG Ad, circa 1994
Even though the first marker I ever used was a PMI Trracer, that Nelson was not my first owned pump. The first pump I ever owned was a Kingman New Hammer/Hammer P, circa 1999. I picked it up from the shop. Everyone there was all into Electropneumatics (like Angels, Bushmasters, Intimidators, etc...) and the ever escalating BPS war, but some of us were still into the finer things in life. In this case, it was a pump. How could someone want to just throw away a perfectly good marker???!?! Even if this was a duffel bag hand out, it was in GREAT shape! No dings in the body. No scratches in the anno. It even still had the black Crown point brass lined barrel! Only drawback is that it had a plastic frame. At least it's the New Hammer and not the Hammer P. The New Hammer frames were a unimolded plastic frame that was tougher than the Hammer P design and not prone to cracking. The grip is a part of the lower. The grip panels are also a part of the grip. Can't even change those out with some nice .45 grips or some wrap around Houges. That's OK! It wasn't going to stop me from hitting the field and joining forces with the other two pump die hards!

Direct Feed Kingman
Hammer P
The second Hammer was actually a body that came into the shop. Again, nobody wanted it so it was tossed my way. It became a long term project that never came to be. There are bits and baubles for it, but the could never source a whole set of internals to make it anything more than a body swap if I wanted to change colors (New Hammer came with a silver direct feed body) or if I wanted to change feed types to a Power Feed. 

I Spy With My Little Eye
At this time, there is another Hammer P grip and a 3D printed pump handle I designed earlier this year. (Barrels-a-plenty so I don't really count those as a dedicated part.) For many years, it just sat. Waiting for a new lease on life.

That day still hasn't come.

Why is that you ask? 

Mainly because in my quest to build another Hammer out of the black one, another Hammer came around that was on my list to have in my Kingman collection. A green bodied Hammer Plus with  powerfeed, complete with the green crown brass lined barrel!!! This means that it is two steps up from the Hammer P, in terms of the grip frame. Similar to the Hammer A, it is an aluminum lower. The difference is that the grip is a composite add on so the grip can swapped out and changed to a variety of configurations!

Green Hammer Plus
with Matching Crown Barrel
With all of that, I couldn't say no. The price was right and it was sourced from a curated MCB owner. So this is technically my 3rd Kingman Hammer.

The only thing that sucks is that I am still in the same boat for the black one. Project Nelson that continues to sit unfinished. Guess I'll keep trolling Bacci's Kingman Hammer section for that fateful time where I can suck it up and just buy all the parts, used.



Another Hammer?!!?!?
Stay tuned...

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