WGP 99 STO Autocoker

What a wonderful Christmas gift! 

Config of this classic shooter
upon receiving

Totally sexy and period correct setup for a 99 STO. Unfortunately, this is the 2000s and we've exchanged super tall setups for super long ones.

Pulled the KAPP Drop Zone 2.
Swapped the grip/beavertail combo
for a 2x trigger/ring.

A swap for a single slider trigger for a hinged double trigger is perfect for playing semiauto games. Next is to get a pump kit and be able to do the change into a Sniper II when needed.


A small upgrade to the STO. Not loving the slide trigger (except for on a pump) I went to a stock WGP swing trigger. Even though I'm able to rip on this trigger, I wanted more. I wanted faster. 

Some new bits and baubles

Now we are looking at a Psycho Ballistics 2x Grip Frame and custom acrylic 45 grip covers. Along for the ride, is a cocking rod with integrated velocity tool and System X Beaver Tail. I had to change it out since the rear of the grip frame is too thin and rounded for the stock tails that I have.

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