Chemical X - AKA Black Widow

Current State
July 2019
Once upon a time, this low pressure beast was an AKA Black Widow. Alas, the body that proved it all is now missing. It was one of the last mid-30s serial numbers that were produced. The reason it was swapped out was the amazing tolerances that were available on Nu-Line Bruizers, pre-WORR buyout. They have fatty strikers so it's a perfect platform to go low pressure!

Now it's on the way to getting stripped back and continuing the Powerpuff lurve... As Buttercup!


It's been forever since I have done a full strip back and thought it was going to be a breeze with 2 projects going at the same time. (This one: Chemical X and then the Spyder RAIL are going at the same time.) I knew that I could use oven cleaner as a paint stripper but had to be careful since I already did this to strip back anno on both these bodies already. While most of this will be documented in the RAIL page, long and short is that it wasn't worth it. 😡

Oh yeah!
Remembering what I forgot and what I remembered, I remembered that I bought a jug of lacquer thinner for this very purpose. So I donned the appropriate PPE and went to wiping down the original Bruizer body and barrel. What took maybe a half hour of soaking and wiping, it was done faster than the 3 hours of oven cleaner and scraping and pitting.

An easy wipedown with paper towels
After getting the easy stripping going, it was nice to be greeted with the old laser etching from back in the day.

Chemical X all prepped
and ready for paint

Both bodies going through 200° thermal cycling

Chemical X and RAIL
bodies chillin out

Starting the fade from
Metallic Black to Emerald Green

First Emerald Green coat is down

Threading test fit

All custom parts in
the spray booth

Quick test fit

GAH! I forgot which body was which!


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