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Closed Bolt Spyder Rebuild

2019 - Waking up from a 12 year slumber
Rebuild log for the Closed Bolt Spyder. Originally a Spyder (Targa) Compact, this marker was my starter gun and went through the paces of regular Spyder upgrades until I settled on being a beta tester for Deadly Wind's RAIL kit in 2003. It has stayed this way since stopping in 2007.

Now it's going to live on after a long overdue deep cleaning and rebuild.

So here we go, the high points of this complete rebuild.


Teaser pic from MCB
A bunch of people on MCB saw a teaser pic of my RAIL and are demanding more pics. That post was a rebuild thread about Emmie (The EM1) and that they should also keep an eye out for the Closed Bolt Spyder rebuild too. That was clearly a mistake. They wanted it NOW! So I did the thing and started a new thread for this rebuild. :D

Pics posted, and some text on how it works as a Spyder with Autococker pneumatics and no backblock. For the uninitiated, here is the rundown:

  • Air delivered from LPC to LPR and feeds to to the 3-way
  • 3-way is actuated by the trigger, just like an Autococker
  • The Ram is still activated by the direction of the airflow on the 3-way 
  • The 3-way still activated the Ram but there is no Backblock (Ram is mounted inside the upper tube)
  • The Ram activates the Bolt directly
  • Striker is tripped on trigger pull, resets with blowback and moves independently from the Bolt.

There you have it, the basics of how a Closed Bolt Spyder works. Now enjoy a few pics on what the pneumatic internals look like and how the striker was modified.


Body is cleaned and prepped
for stripping
Small update on the rebuild. All the parts have been stripped and cleaning has commenced. The body is prepped and ready for stripping. Bye bye red body.

Soon you'll be reborn as Eva Unit-01!


About 2 hours of work
Big move on Unit-01 today!

Went to the store and picked up a plastic tub that I can seal the Spyder body in there as I spray it down with  Easy-Off. Yes, that's oven cleaner!

The inside is nice
and shiny!
2 half hour sessions of it soaking and setting on the body. Scrub and scrape in between with a wire brush, straight edge, and a scrubby sponge. After it was all done, a final degreasing with isopropyl alcohol on the outside.

The upper and lower receivers were still full of grease so they got the same treatment as when I clean my barrels. Hoppes 9 cleaner to get all that gunk out of there and then buffed dry.

Here is a full breakdown of the major parts.
Next up is to re-prep/re-protect the insides and prime the body, do some light sanding, prime again. Somewhere in there, a little baking and curing the body...

I'm getting so jacked with how close we are getting for this rebuild! Paint is such a superficial thing but it's part of the expression of this closed bolt Spyder. The functionality is already there and has been proven.

Let's push on!

Closed Bolt Spyder

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