What a beautiful day for paintball

Wisconsin weather can be quite unpredictable. Being November, our previous outing a couple weeks prior was full of snow. So I was stoked when I heard the forecast was going to be a good one for the Cancer Under Siege 2019 event at The Siege Paintball.
A full parking lot is a good sign 

Despite the rest of the team being unavailable, mini-keeks and I decided what better way to spend a beautiful Sunday shooting some balls of paint at people for a good cause.

While certainly missed, we would represent for the rest of the team. I was excited before we even walked in since I knew there was going to be some great outdoor play with loads of peeps!

This was mini-keeks second time out and first time on the outdoor fields. The first exposure he had was on the indoor speedball field. Today would be a very different experience. I even played on a couple of fields I hadn't before in my first outing. Plain and simple, I was just excited to get more play time.

First up... the shipping container field. This field kinda kicks my butt. I'm still trying to figure it out. I can make it a couple bunkers up, but haven't been able to make it past that.

Trying to do some damage on the shipping container field
Mini-keeks acclimated to outdoors pretty easily and was having fun. He was pretty popular playing with the Rasta again. When inside on breaks, he would get called over to different tables and even managed to get a jersey at the end of the day from a player we meet that made his way up from Illinois.

Doing the beautiful Rasta Spyder Flash proud
The city was next up and this one was a new one for me. Very small and tight. It was challenging for sure, but I was digging it. Mini-keeks managed to be the last one left from our team for a taste of 1v1 action. We could only play a set of games because the amount of players, but I'm glad we got to experience it.

Last of the team in the city
Since there were so many walk-ons for the event, we played the boats field a couple of times since it was large enough. This was another first for me and it was super fun. Lots of interesting places to hide and ways to push up. 

Mini-keeks holding his own
The whole purpose of the day was to raise some money, so we bid on some auction items and entered some raffles and then went out to play one last set of games before the winners would be announced. We lost an auction by being outbid by $1, but that's ok... the day thus far was a winner. ;)

The girls holding it down on the boat field
It was great to hang with my boy and know that he was really having fun. He even gained enough confidence to play opposite of me for some games.

Mini-keeks during the opposing team break
It ended up being super muddy since the temps were in the 40s, but fine by me – getting dirty is fun – cleaning up is another story.

Creeping... Coming for ya!
I saw some familiar faces, made some new connections and had a blast for a good cause. It was a good day. It ended even better for mini-keeks... with Culver's and more stories to tell.

Happy, dirty, exhausted = Awesome day
If you'd like to check out the drone footage courtesy of Harry Schaubel (Sunday 11/24/2019), check the The Siege's Facebook page or in Harry's album.

There were some pretty sweet photos taken by Rogue Shot, check out more of them from the Cancer Under Siege 2019 event album here on her Facebook page.

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