Small change to the Spydarm today!

Some new parts came in!
I found some cool rear cocking conversion for Mkeeks' Spyder Pilot so it's not just some normal knurled cocking knob coming out the upper tube. The overall amount of reciprocating mass from the weight of the bolt doesn't seem to impact cycling times but I won't fully know till I can safely get air into the valve and not risk a violent decompression from the bucket changer.

The other part that came in is a pretty standard Autococker-style pushpin to hold in all the internals. It holds guts in.

Looking over this build, I have a deadline to complete this revive: One week before the Big Money, Cheap Guns Paintball Tournament, February, 23, 2020!

This is on the board to be the next tournament
Then I've got a mega custom marker to bring and (hopefully) guarantee me into the highlight video!

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