Another great night at The Siege!

Time took forever from our last outing to Apocalypse Paintball in Madison, WI. That was technically the October game night. (Long story...)

So we were back at our home field (The Siege) on Friday for a long awaited group game. The constants were there... The 3 adulting crew members and our single young gun. Another newbie, mini-mkeeks, joined the fray for his first time out.

For the evening, he was shooting the long sought after Rasta Spyder Flash. It's not a green yellow and red Spyder cobbled together, it's 100% the factory, real deal paint slinger! Since it was his first time out, I offered a barrel that has seen better days so the barrel tip doesn't get dinged up on his first go. (Gotta keep that collectibility factor up! But I'll let Mkeeks talk about that...) Needless to say, he was doing quite well with staying in the game longer than the adults so I offered a welcome upgrade: an ACI Zero Gravity 12" barrel.
The weather was rough for the few days before, so unlike having to deal with Lake Siege from last time, it was a frozen tundra. Snow was here to stay and sticking. The lowest it got was 18ยบ F by the time we all started rolling in at the field. *brrr!*

Glad I got a hold of some of the other norms so I knew how to dress for the games. I was prepared to play outside, but they said they were going to run all indoors. Score! It was a night of all Speedball games! I played so hard that night I had a huge smile on my face the whole time. I played to have fun so I was playing a little loose on some games... and paid for it. I had 10 welts all over my body, that I can recognize.

  • One on my left side on the back
    • Typical cheerio welt
  • Another on my left shoulder
    • Also typical
  • One on my left side hairline 
    • Stupid move popping over the top of a bunker
    • Very lumpy
    • Ta-Kun from FLCL
    • I think I have an itch and forget that it's my scalp saying ouch in a different way
  • Some friggin magic bullet action welt that's dead center of my forehead
    • It went below my visor and...
    • right above the top of my mask 
    • Feel like Ta-Kun or a narwhal or a unicorn
  • Two to the neck
    • Very uncomfortable
  • One on the inside of my right elbow
  • One more on my forearm
  • Then THREE more at point blank on top of the first one!!?!??!
3 major welts of 11
from tonight's games.
Yes, they were bleeding. :(
This leaves us with a grand total of 11 times out. I averaged about 50/50 on my games. I tapped into my old #MakePaintballAggAgain side and played hard into the Snake side. Fast plays off the break,  Superman slides into the Snake head, with popups past the 50 mark...  But I also played nice and put 1 shot into people's packs or went for marker hits with their back turned.

My only regret with  coming out to play that night is that I didn't hear about that it was pump night. I actually left my pumps home that night. We got to meet and play with a bunch of great players that night and we were welcomed into their group! Now we can hit it up on pump only game days with their crew when the pump only notifications go out!

The Eliminati Paintball
Pump Group

Now I know to always have my Spump in my gear box on all my outings.
You know, just in case... (-_^)

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