Guess who caught the bug?

No one has ever asked me to play paintball... until now. It was never even a thought. Not at all on my radar. Now I wish I would have discovered it sooner. Yep... I caught the paintball bug during my first outing.

Did the thing at The Siege Paintball
So let me back up...

Over the summer I learned ChoSanJuan was a "retired" tournament player and decided he was going to make his return with a friend at the Michigan Monster Game. His enthusiasm was infectious and got me curious. I started seeing photos of unearthed markers. He asked if he should also bring home what is now dubbed – Chemical X – for me. Oh... really?! Umm... yes! I was intrigued and a bit giddy inside. And so it began. I think he knew.

I wasted August...

Post Michigan Monster Game, ChoSanJuan decided we're all doing the thing and set up an outing. I couldn't make it. Blah. I also missed an impromptu opportunity to go – I should have made it happen. Next time... for sure!

Picking an epic date...

So... when do you want play? Some random date I don't even remember... or Friday the 13th with a full moon? No brainer. How appropriate. I dig it. I'm doing it. I'm in.

Let's do the thing...

After much anticipation and some nervousness – I mean who wants to suck – I finally got out there. The 2019 NXL Chicago Open was that weekend and it ended up being just the four of us walk-ons at the local field, but that was actually fine by me. We played a couple of the outdoor fields that weren't flooded and I tried to take it all in. I tried to remember the videos I watched and I was determined to do good. I wanted soo much to be a natural – yeah, no. And guess what, shooting pistols at the range only educates you on aim and accuracy. Not the sprinting and shooting, strategy, and communication. I took some licks. Got lit up with paint. Took a brutal hit to the stomach from Dunlager's kid trying to make it to the center bunker, but I had to... I knew Ninja ChoSanJuan was coming for me.

The sun was setting and we took it to the inside airball field. Got some good pointers from ChoSanJuan and played some good games. I was getting comfortable and really digging the airball field. The Dunlager crew was done, but I still had paint and was pretty jazzed to continue. So why not challenge oneself with some 1v1 with a former pro. 😆He was playing pump and likely taking it easy on me, but hopefully not too much. How else does one learn?

Returning home on an epic Friday the 13th

So, wudya think?

I had a blast. I was exhausted in a good way. Even though I could feel the welts forming and anticipated the soreness that was to come, it was worth it. ChoSanJuan taught me a bunch and the folks at The Seige were super cool to this n00b. I enjoyed the competition from Team Dunlager. Thankfully most of the experienced players were in IL for the tourney, but don't get it twisted... I still got blasted on.

And so it continues...

Everyone has a story, right?! Yep, I want more.

Bonus: Righteous welt making me feel like a badass

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