Mech Ion Projects

A box of Ions...
Yes, I said projects. Remember when I mentioned building a Mech Ion in a different post? I actually meant 2 of them.

I'm building more than one Mech Ion. One is mine and the other is for the field tech at The Siege. One day I come walking in and Jim says that he's got more projects for me if I want. 

Of course I want!

It was a box of abandoned Smart Parts Ions. He knows how much I love tinkering and said that if I can build him one, I get to keep the rest of the parts.

How can I resist??!?!

After doing a metric ton of research, I finally found the right parts to do this and ordered the parts. What a great way to enter the new year with the potential of completing a long overdue project!

Here's a quick video I did of the build/Proof of concept:

All that's left is to make a mount for the trigger valve and a longer hose for the front barb to give pressure for opening the chamber back up to let the next ball in.

I've never done this kind of mod before so I'm pretty stoked with the results for under a half hr of work! 

More to come!

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