A Modern Mech

Never Fear... 
As, per usual, I come out of the gates being an underdog shooter. What does that mean? I choose to shoot something at a discount and then tastefully (sometimes) upgrade it so it can hang with the same versions that can be 2-3 times the cost. Hell, 99% of my wall's permanent collection is something built by Kingman. Did I buy an Empire Axe? No, it was a limited edition Mini GS. How many Hammers do I have? (Technically... Four.)

So why stop there?

Mkeeks Custom Emek
with wardrobe changes!
With the weeks leading up to ICPL Chicago, everyone on the team was getting new Emeks and getting them all tuned up. I was going to go with what I owned so it was the 99 STO Autococker and the Mini GS as a backup. If I had the funds at the time, I could have been swayed to join the Cult of Emek, but something was nagging at me to not do it. Even after squeezing off a couple of rounds off of Mkeek's custom Emek... I just couldn't do it. And I liked it, I really did!

I was too much on the fence for a different mech than the defacto standard.

Politics aside, I'm a fan of Smart Parts. They were always innovating. I've got a well loved Ion that I keep building up since I needed an electro to play in last year's Winter Is Here 3-Man tournament. I'm building a couple of Mech Ions. (More on that on a later...) I enjoy Freak Barrels. One of my first barrels was a Smart Parts Tear Drop Big Daddy. So why not go with Smart Parts 2.0?

Having almost pulled the trigger to purchase an Emek multiple times, something was still telling me not to do it... Not yet.

I even played our last field day, at The Siege, using it for most of the day. Lots of games on the vast outdoor fields, as well as a BUNCH of winning games on the indoor speedball field.

Since I shot the 50cal flavor of the eNMEy back in February, this finally gave me a good comparison on feel and shot quality. (Yes, 50cal is still BS.)

We are getting closer!

As the end of the year is approaching, more and more Emek and eNMEy threads continued to pop up on MCB. They kept coming till it became a battle for a 100% stock Emek for $240 bnib or a slightly upgraded eNMEy v2 for $125. (I'm pretty sure you know which direction I went...)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my GoG eNMEy v2! 

As it stands before it gets to my hands!

  • Metal feedneck
  • SSC adjustable trigger
  • CP ASA
  • Proto Barrel
  • 2 extra 3D printed bodies
It's ready for my flavor of stoopid into 2021!

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