Because I can't just leave well enough alone...

I did a thing!
Yeah, I just got this thing. I also got a new Ender 3 (3D Printer) for Christmas. So being the tinkerer I am, I fired up some modeling software and went to town. 

The purchase came with 2 3D printed stick bodies. 1 black one with the eNMEy logo on the side and a "bronze" body that looks like a dog chewed on it. O_o Even though it came with 2 more bodies, I wanted something that expressed my stoopid. So why not keep in that theme of making "Tacticool" crap where it doesn't really belong? 

First real print on
the Ender 3
This time it was a virtual kit-bash. It was pretty simple for this one. Take the openly available bodies out there and add a few Picatinny rails to it. Just make sure the files don't cause issues on the insides of the body and the design will work out just fine. Only a couple of iterations before going to print and we were off and away!

Remember when I said something about not having stuff interfere with the inside of the body? Yeah... 
I thought I had enough clearance with the bottom of the Picatinny rails, but the rounded edges on the top/inside poked through just by a smidge. It created 2 lines of pressure on the inner diameter and, in turn, a very tight fit! Only a few minutes of sanding took care of that and a quick change in the build file for future use.

3 regular bodies and
a Tacticool body!
So as it stands, I have a new eNMEy v2 with 4 bodies. It's like a certain teammate that's running her Emek with lots of wardrobe changes. ☺

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