A Corny Milestone

As we are just coming out of the Full Corn Moon, I'm reminded that it was almost a year ago that I made my debut into the world of paintball and caught the bug the evening of the Full Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th.

Just the Moon Monster

In this short year, even with a couple months of mandatory down time, I've experienced and accomplished a lot. It's pretty woo as I think about it and now write out the mental list of all that I've done over the last year.

Let's chat about open play days...

Starting in September and up until the government shutdown in Spring due to the Rona, I played a bunch of open play days at The Siege. I consider this my home field and they've taken an already great place and made it even better over this last year. I was overjoyed to return in June! The owner and staff are good peeps and I look forward to seeing them whenever I get out to the field. I'm even an official member now.

Pumpers represent

I was also fortunate to experience a different kind of open play at Apocalypse with it's many outdoor fields. I got a taste of hyperball and castle action. It was during one of these outings that I took to the field with a Nelson pump and surprised myself. Maybe one of these days I'll finally share my experience about that day. :P

Got everyone at Power PB, but coordinating a group photo is another story - So silly

I've also had some open play day action at Power in Illinois during a pump takeover and at the Wacky Warriors West field just outside of the STL. Both fields introduced me to more fields, games, and styles of play.

New friends in MO

Should we talk about some events and tourneys? Let's...

Cancer Under Siege at The Siege in WI in Oct. 2019 - It was great to be part of this fundraising event. It had a great turnout and lots of games with the added bonus of raffles and auctions benefiting a good cause. I was able to gain some experience and have tons of fun with my son, Casheyboy, and get some helpful encouragement from the the SpareParts team members that were refs for the day. 

The infamous container field

Winter is Here 3 Man
at The Siege in WI in Dec. 2019 - My first speedball tournament! Thinking about this in retrospect has me impressed with myself and my bravery. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but it's kinda baller to jump in and accept an invite to round out a team with only several months of play under my belt. I even recruited ChoSanJuan who had no intention of playing tournament ball. Haha. I was excited (and nervous) for the experience. It was definitely a first I would totally do again.

An accomplished day with WWMD

Big Money Cheap Guns
at Wacky Warriors West in MO in February 2020 - I would venture out on my own and represent our team for this nostalgic tournament. Being on a team with peeps I just met, I had nervous excitement and was feeling slightly timid, which is out of character for me. Even though this was a mech STBB tournament, I got a taste to of being out-gunned. Thankfully my teammates were there to have fun, which made for another great learning experience. I came away with a couple more friends and knowing to play smarter and be less predictable.

Happy to showcase the Rasta Spyder with Mr. QMTO

Michigan Monster Game at Hell Survivors in MI in July 2020 - My first Big Game! I need to make a separate post about this one with all the deets. I was told what to expect and how to manage the day, but you don't really get it until you play and experience it for yourself. The whole weekend was amazing and full of firsts not only for me, but for others... including mah new gurl G! We'll be there next year for sure... see you there. ;)

Gloriously exhausted and all smiles

Fallout Northlands III: Whispers of Change at The Siege in WI in August 2020 - My first scenario game! This was a blast... and not in the way of only blasting fools. It was role-play based on the Fallout game. The organizers at The Siege did such a great job with game setup and NPCs. There was a lot of strategy and missions, all while navigating fire fights and trying to survive so I could serve my role as the medic for our team and allies. We'll be at this one next year too.

Don't put a bounty on me if you want me to share stimpaks

It's an impressive list of accomplishments if you ask me. Each outing I've gained a bit more skill and knowledge, but I still live the mantra of #muchtolearn. With my fair share of welts as battle wounds, I've come to realize their placement has been indicative of areas of improvement... to be mindful of my weaknesses. I have to give myself credit and be proud of how far I've come since that full moon at Lake Siege nearly a year ago.

The day I caught the bug

And as this Full Corn Moon has been noted to transition us into Fall and accept change, I'll be open to all of the possibilities that lay ahead as I continue my journey.


P.S. I must say... the paintball community is awesome... And... I've suffered the same affliction of wanting to many markers and accumulating equipment - LoL. Watch out for stuffs in the Showroom.

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