I have a player ID... Wha?!

So, I did a thing...

I played in my very first tournament. Sooner than I thought. I knew I wanted to play a tournament at some point, but the universe is silly. So how did this come to be already?

While playing at the Cancer Under Siege event, I struck up a conversation with another player from Northern Illinois. Turns out he's in the process of opening a field close to home named WWMD (Win With Motivation & Determination). We exchanged contact info and mini-keeks even scored a jersey.

The next week he messaged me that he signed up for the Winter is Here 3 Man at The Siege and we should sign up a team too. Intriguing... I mentioned it to ChoSanJuan, but he reminded me that we wouldn't have enough for a team and he really wasn't gun-ho on returning to the tournament scene. Besides, even though I do what I always do and bust my butt to do good, would I even be ready for something like that? But still, it was in the back of my mind.

Photo by Rogue Shot Photography
Well... fast-forward a week... I get a message that some of WWMD's guys had to cancel and would I know anyone interested in playing? Well... maaayyybe. ;) I knew I wanted to try but was hesitant and gave the disclaimer about my beginner status. His reply? "My big goal is to have fun & not to come in last." A goal I could definitely handle. So ChoSanJuan and I were playing on team WWMD in less than a week. All the necessary arrangements and chatter began, including getting a PBLi Player ID. After I created my account, it dawned on me... Holy shit... I have a paintball league player profile. Neat.

I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Super-duper the night before and morning of the tournament. I made a personal goal to not get shot off the break. Once we walked the field, we came up with a plan. Considering this was the first time playing together, we seemed to gel pretty well.

Game time. Just do it. Have fun. Don't suck.

Full house for the Winter is Here 3 Man at The Siege
Photo cred: Wes
We won our first game against what I later learned was a combo of players from a local NXL College Division team of Collegiate 2019 National Championships winners. Huh... How 'bout that. I had the honor of grabbing the flag and eventually ran it to the opposing side (I didn't realize it was all about time - I was wondering why my team was yelling to RUN - LoL). Although we didn't win any more games, us old farts with old equipment definitely gave those teams a run for their money. Not that it matters, but I was also the only female in the tournament (my thoughts on being a girl paintballer for a future post). I heard the above bothered some, which I didn't notice because I was oblivious to what was going on around me (focusing on doing my team right) ... or the fact that I usually don't care what other people think - Probably a combo of both.

I'm happy to say we achieved our goals as a team and one I set for myself:
  • We had fun - Especially with the teams around us in the staging area... wagers were made and laughs, and conversations were had 😁
  • We didn't come in last - We certainly weren't expecting to win 😌
  • I didn't get shot off the break - Self-explanatory 👍

Who knew playing to have fun equals trying your best to shoot some peeps while not getting shot first?
My first PBLi event and ranking
So, there you have it. I'm always open to new things and willing to accept a challenge. Overcome the anxiousness of the unknown and come out with a new experience, finding another something I enjoy... a lot. I'll be focusing on some additional goals for 2020... knowing there's so much more I need to learn and improve on as a player. Above all... have fun!!

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