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Hello Spydarm, My Old Friend...

I've come to rebuild you again.

And we have come full circle
So I robbed Peter to pay Paul and I have an amazing Spump build to show for it. I kept the body of the Spydarm since it was a reminder of my tinkering past. Now it's time to apply my new skills to an old marker.

Going through my old gear bins, I have scavenged these parts for the build:

  • Original Spydarm body
  • Modern pullpin RVA 
    • Need to modify or source an older generation
  • Stock main spring
  • Stock bolt
  • Slim striker
I also just purchased an old skool single trigger frame from another user on MCB.

Things to replace/fabricate:
  • Striker buffer
  • Main spring guide
  • Metal spring guide plate
  • Pull pin
  • Valve pin
  • Cupseal
  • Valve spring
  • Valve
  • Ball detent
  • Detent plate
    • Bore out and retap for horizontal 12 gram bucket changer
    • Cap the bottom inlet in a less janky way
  • Modify the feed tube with a true follower and spring guide

As with the rest of my builds, they will be available in the Showroom as it progresses.

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