Got the grip for the frame!

Shout-out to Mike@NDS on MCB for picking up on the grip for the previously shipped frame! He gave me a few options from an A2 to the original Euro and also a Ramline. From what I could tell, the Ramline and A2 were too m16-y (my Closed Bolt Spyder had an m16 grip waaaaay back in the day so I wasn't keen on it indexing like a rifle rather than a pistol.) I chose to go with the grip this frame came with, originally, the Euro style. It seemed to be the most pistol-like.
In the hands, it feels quite good! It indexes well even in these early stages. While looking at the bottom of the grip, it seems that I will need make a plate for the retaining screw. While not needed, as a regular bolt and washer will do just fine, designing up a recessed cap and washer retainer would really help tie the project together.

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