Hey, it's March already? (Where are we headed this year?)

The 2024 season is in full swing and we have so many things in the works for the team! We've already cleared 4 events and haven't said anything!

First off, what does the 2024 season look for this year?

  • 1/8/2024: Siege X-Ball League 1 - Big Bend, WI
  • 1/27/2024: Siege X-Ball League 1v1 - Big Bend, WI
  • 2/18/2024: Siege X-Ball League  2 - Big Bend, WI
  • 3/1/2024: Caveball - Kansas City, MO
  • 4/7/2024: Siege X-Ball League  3 - Big Bend, WI
  • 4/27/2024: Spring Pump Event 2024 - Millsadt, IL
  • 6/1/2024: Giant Big Game - Hudson, WI
  • 7/25/2024: Michigan Monster Game - Pinckney, MI
  • 7/27/2024: ICC - Newark, IL
  • 9/13/2024: NXL Windy City - Chicago, IL
  • 9/27/2024: ICPL Chicago - Crete, IL
  • 11/6/2024: NXL World Cup - Kissimmee, FL
Secondly, so many of us have been playing on the team for years and have been footing the bill on our own. While it's not incredibly expensive when looking at how each individual has been splitting the bill for registration and paint, we are now reaching out for team sponsorship. Hopefully things go well with the talks that we are in with some local businesses as well as a prominent marker manufacturer. 

More to come as the dust settles with our outreach!

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