Equation USA Multiple Switch Barrel System

Welcome to one of the longest names for a paintball barrel in all the industry and likely one of the most underrated barrel kits from the end of the Golden Age. I present to you, the Multiple Switch Barrel System by Equation USA. The barrel kit is a core 3 piece barrel kit that has a tip, body and a variable bore barrel back for that perfect paint match. Much like other barrel kits on the market, this one wasn't a mainstay as much as the Freak kits were to become.

Some of the stock options
What set this setup apart from the others are the different ways you could get yourself a decent barrel that could take you from .683, .685, .687, .689, .691, .693 calibers... There were different barrel bodies that varied in length to actual milled design, as well as, different anodized colors. The tips also come in different designs to suit your style. Body designs ranged from Dragon, Scope, and Serpent. Tip designs were called Annihilator, Sniper, Silencer, and EK-47.

Bodies, Backs, Tips!
Back in the day, I bought into this kit, in hopes that it would be the new hotness. As the years went on, it never caught on as others were developed and refined. (There is a Multiple Switch Pro System that introduced the inserts like a Freak barrel kit, but it just made things more complicated by introducing a 4th piece.) I never really saw these barrels out in the wild. More and more, I was using a collector's item that was more of a conversation starter than anything else.

One day, I was looking through one of my favorite auction sites and saw a FULL setup of tips, bodies and backs for Spyders! IN. THE. WILD. I had to have them! I watched, planned, strategized. After a final auction snipe, I became the proud owner of an (almost) full set Multiple Switch Barrels!!! Then I was on a different auction site and saw that there was a barrel back for Autocockers! (What kind of luck do I have where I would have 2 different options to gain more pieces of this fine kit, in such a small period of time??!?!?) So not only do I have a pile of killer barrels to mix and match or wear as an ensemble... I now have options to use them on my Spyders, Ion (with an adapter from Spyder threading), and my 99 STO Autococker!

In another interesting turn of events, it seems that I either have some unreleased parts or they were never documented. The black body seems to be a variant of the Scope and two tips are also unknowns. The green tip is a similar slot to the Annihilator and the silver tip with only porting seems to be the same thing as the Silencer but the oles were never connected while being machined.
(Any help with the names of these or the origins would be great in the comments!)

As an aside... having only one tip, one body and avariety of barrel backs, I only had the option of putting my Silencer tip on any one of my barrel backs. This was incredibly convenient for more compact builds, like the Spydarm, to keep overall length down. After getting all of the parts home and cleaned, it dawned upon me that because the threads were the same from tip to back, I could play make believe like the kids do and have a super long sniper barrel! I got to threading all of the bodies together, grabbed the gaudiest tip (the green undocumented one...) and slammed it on the 'Cocker barrel back. Needless to say, I was laughing about it for quite a while and I now have a new avatar for MCB. 😂😂😂

Hello ladies... ;)

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