Free Spyder? Yes, Please!

I've got another Spyder to pick up at the aforementioned game in St Louis... It was offered up as a parts gun from someone on MCB. All they said was to pay for shipping. They were in St Louis so it felt like a no brainier to ask if the were going to be available to drop it at BM/CG? They agreed!

Now I've got the means to rebuild the rest of this custom marker with the exception of one thing... I need a clean way to mount the 12 gram bucket changer. Thinking of shaving the ASA threading on the lathe and tapping a hole to accept the retaining screw so the whole thing can lock in directly into the lower tube. More on that later, back to the parts donor...

The package secured and
on the way home from STL
Unfortunately, things happened and I had to drop from the tournament, but Mkeeks was still going so she offered to grab it for me! After a long day of games, she sent me a quick pic of the package, secured. 

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