Storing leftovers (Paintball Hopper/Pod Loader)

Here's a fun one!

If you aren't into shelling out for the R&D and marketing of the big time Paintball companies' Hopper/Pod Loaders, you can skip the line and head over to your favorite grocery store and check out if they have one of big tubs of kitty litter. Being from Michigan, I enjoy myself some Meijer flavored Kitty Litter.

These 20lb tubs are very spacious and can hold almost a full case of paint! (That's 2000 rounds!) Another thing to look out for with these larger tubs how the label is attached to the body. Meijer just has it banded and not glued to their jugs so it's not so obvious that you are using a kitty litter jug to store your field paint extras. (Your mileage may vary...) This lets you get crazy with the cheese whiz and decorate/customize your high capacity carrier to your liking without much in the way.

An alternative that I've used in the past is a detergent jug. While the pour spout is convenient, it's a pain to get the thing loaded. More so, cleaning it out for use is the worst! A kitty litter jug is better since it is already dry and has minimal prep if you knock out all the dust ahead of time.

The photos in the gallery are all my leftovers from the Winter Is Here 3-Man Tournament. Probably the best under $7 solution, ever!

Next up: 3D modeling up a screw on pour spout or mechanism to speed up reloads at the staging area! But that's a different post...

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