Closed Bolt Spyder Rebuild - How does it work?

Teaser pic from MCB
A bunch of people on MCB saw a teaser pic of my RAIL and are demanding more pics. That post was a rebuild thread about Emmie (The EM1) and that they should also keep an eye out for the Closed Bolt Spyder rebuild too. That was clearly a mistake. They wanted it NOW! So I did the thing and started a new thread for this rebuild. :D

Pics posted, and some text on how it works as a Spyder with Autococker pneumatics and no backblock. For the uninitiated, here is the rundown:

  • Air delivered from LPC to LPR and feeds to to the 3-way
  • 3-way is actuated by the trigger, just like an Autococker
  • The Ram is still activated by the direction of the airflow on the 3-way 
  • The 3-way still activated the Ram but there is no Backblock (Ram is mounted inside the upper tube)
  • The Ram activates the Bolt directly
  • Striker is tripped on trigger pull, resets with blowback and moves independently from the Bolt.

There you have it, the basics of how a Closed Bolt Spyder works. Now enjoy a few pics on what the pneumatic internals look like and how the striker was modified.

Closed Bolt Spyder

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