ANNOUNCEMENT: With Intent Is Officially Sponsored by...

What is that back there? :)
As teased from the previous post, it was hinted that we were getting a sponsorship from a manufacturer. 

It is time...

With Intent is now sponsored by Nova Paintball!

I received a 38 pound box of gear and markers from Nova yesterday afternoon and was chomping at the bit to get into it. The intention was to do an unboxing for the whole team (respectfully not pulling things out so the true owner can get first crack, but a couple of things got the best of me...) and it was pure excitement, to say the least.

So here it is, the official video announcement and unboxing of everyone's gear:

Also special thanks and shoutout to The Siege Paintball and WWMD Paintball, my core team of Pandas, Chi-Town Nightmare, my M Carter Brown brothers in arms (as I call them the KC team, Caveball forevahhhh!), the others from FP/Animosity/not sure what you guys really roll as today.

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