Perception vs Reality

Slow it down, get good trigger control.

Come on out and celebrate!
After completing a great night of walk-on play at The Siege, I came to realize something... I brought 3 markers that night. First is my current "winter beater" (an almost maxed out Smart Parts Ion), my new-new spacegun/Empire Mini GS LE, and my custom Shotgun modded Spyder Hammer 7. Thinking that I was going to mainly run the Ion all night, I figured that it was the perfect weekend to use my Dia De Los Muertos themed Mini GS instead. It was actually supposed to be a pump takeover night, so after a while I changed over to my Hammer 7. 

This is where the whole point of the post comes around...

Once I got it all setup with my 10 round tubes, harness, and clipped into my single point sling, all the rentals were losing their mind. Why? Because of their perception of what I was busting out. But again, why? 

On multiple occasions, I was stopped by random rentals asking what the heck is that thing? 
Shotgun modded
Hammer 7
  • Is that a sniper rifle? 
    • It's a shotgun.
  • Does it spread like buckshot?
    • No, it shoots one at a time.
  • Does it hit harder?
    • Nah.
  • Does it shoot farther?
    • Noope.
  • Oh no, you playing against us? 
    • Maybe? Depends on where the head ref puts me.
  • Oh man, I hope we are on the same team!
    • Really, you don't have to worry about me! I'm doing this to lower my rate of fire for all of you. If you used this marker, you'd be at a HUGE disadvantage.
At which point, I get the side eye like they didn't believe me.

In other situations (with my other pumps) I have had similar questions and attitudes. These questions have always been sourced from all ages and always come back to "That's like from firstpersonshooterx/Fortnite/Pubg/CoD, right?"


It's just a done up paintball marker. It shoots 280fps and one at a time, just like yours.

M41A Pulse Rifle and SP-8
They look so similar, right?
OK, I don't want to sound like I'm hating on anyone. It's the furthest from. Also, I'm a gamer. I'm a huge gamer! I've been gaming since the early 80s and playing Paintball since the mid-90s. While I fully endorse the 2, I have never looked at any marker and said that's Isaac's SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle from Dead Space! Even with all the tan plastic available out there from Tippmann, Tiberius Arms, Dye, First Strike, etc... they are still grossly unique and oversized compared to anything in a video game. Maybe the best replica-ish marker would be the Smart Parts SP-8. It slightly resembled the Aliens Colonial Space Marines Pulse Rifle, but not really...

Again, as the title suggests: Perception vs Reality.

Even when I play magfed
I dress like a speedballer

As mentioned, these perceptions seem to spread over all ages. We've seemed to hit critical mass with people that think that they are playing real life Call of Duty. Lots of super matched BDUs, tan plastic, weird attitudes that they are going to simulate door breeches and other such nonsense. Everything that isn't the core game, they are focusing on and not getting better at playing. Cosplay.

Keep in mind that I do know some hardcore magfed players that will go out there and melt faces. Keep in mind that they are the exception to the norm. They play other formats and can keep up with slower gear. They understand the base mechanics of the game, regardless of their getup and pounds of tan plastic. 😉
I might dabble in obnoxious...

I makes jokes about my own gear and dressing up like an obnoxious 90s jetski to play, but it's more than playing the part. After you are sick of showing up in jeans and a hoodie, you realize that performance gear is essential, even when you aren't competing at a pro/semi-pro level. You figure out what works best for your style of play. What footwear will get you through a full day of running? What pants/jersey materials will give you ultimate comfort but also give proper coverage from volumized impacts and allow you to perform slides/dives? Not all of it comes from your local Px store. (But some of it can!)

The reality is this: Go out and play. You play, you practice, you pay your dues, you learn, you upgrade, you grow. None of that has to do with superficial style and what you wear.


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