Prepping my backup for ICPL Windy City Classic 2020

She took a weekender 
to Indiana and back

So I'm bringing my Mini GS LE as my backup to my 99 STO to ICPL Chicago. As I'm going through the manual, it seems that it will only go down to 8bps. That won't do since the electro cap is 5.5. As this thing is pretty new for me (just a few months old from the end of March 2020) so I gave Empire/GI a call to see if there is a way to get my Day of The Dead Mini to go 5.5. 

They said that there's already a firmware for it and to just send it in. Given the short amount of time between when I called and when I needed it to be within ICPL spec, I was a tad worried about their backlog and when I'd be getting it back. To top it off, I was also out of state for the week. So I asked my wife to pack it up and send it in.

Back home on the stand
She had it packed on Wednesday night, Left our place on Thursday, and was on the GI docks Friday. It's Tuesday now and it's back in my hands!

I've got to say that the GI Techs also know what great customer service is. They were incredibly fast and efficient! Turn around for something that I was worried about not having back before I leave next Friday morning was nothing short of amazing.

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