First day out

This nice young lady is
finally seeing some action 
What a great day for some Paintball! It's been months of living a sedentary lifestyle, gaining 10 pounds, and recovering from sinus surgery. So many factors that lead up to this. As Wisconsin has been slowly opening up, all of the builds and work has built up a particular level of anticipation. Some of it is the fact that I picked up my first "modern" spacegun right as lockdown happened. Best that went through it was my wife shooting me with some Z-Balls. (yeah, I was curious...)
While I am a firm believer that bringing an electro to a walk-on game isn't really an ethical move for making a friendly environment for new players/rentals/walk-ons but I really wanted to have my new shooter get some field time. The reason I have deep rooted feelings like this? It doesn't grow the sport if you just go out there and light up rentals and they never return. Nobody wins if you try to inflate your ego with tall tales of ruining a day of casual fun. Even though my Mini GS LE made an appearance, it's all about trigger control. Which I have.

Anyway, enough soapboxing...

Met up with Mkeeks and some of the other regulars. Even though special protections are put into place, everything felt right. Get set up and staging was running smoothly, games were going. All was right in the world. After about 6 games, it was already approaching 8pm and it was last call. Mkeeks thought there was still enough time to field test her Spydarm build but it was cutting really close. A prelim video was shared to show that it was working but she made a fatal mistake. She left her STBB pistol aired up and cocked. This killed her springs. To verify it wasn't my 12g carts, I brought mine out to see if there was an issue there. Nope. Now she is back to the drawing board to tech what is wrong. (I'll let her talk about this in her build pages.) She wasn't the only one that had issues with custom builds... The Closed Bolt Spyder spring a leak in the LPR. So I need to tech that on my own too. 

Even though there were a few hiccups, going back out on June 12th was the right thing to do. 

Fountain sodas are woo too...

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