The Tenka'ichi Budôkai is finally complete...

WTF are you talking about?
Was that even English?
But seriously though, I just got 2 huge rebuilds done that I've been sitting on since coming back to the sport in July 2019. One is my Closed Bolt Spyder and then the point of this post... The Spydarm!

It certainly took long enough to get this project redone but if you've been following the build log, it has been a fun journey! With the addition of Kit's Kit from MCB I now have a way to keep the 12 gram Bucket changer on the front in a VERY streamlined way! This build went from old school (non-functional) nostalgia to a day in the sun, shooting at 280fps!

The final step of the build was to get form and function. As with the other builds, this also got a new coat of paint. With one of my last posts, I was looking for an early 90s splash anno aesthetic, with a deeper purple main color and the splash in a metallic green. My inventory of paint said otherwise. I was majorly concerned with how light my purple turned out as it wan't anywhere close to purple! It did give this odd holographic grey/light blue shift. Thinking that a metallic green splash would be really gross. After a week of it curing, I decided that I would use use, what I call, The Spittle Technique™ ... Use a rattle can paint and lightly press the nozzle so you get a little buildup on the tip and when the pressure is high enough it will blow out random sized bubbles of paint onto your piece. Doing this with a green color, it provided another depth of color shift that the grey/blue wasn't able to provide! Especially in the sun, it shifts colors all kinds of ways! The pictures don't do it any bit of justice! (And that's a shame... 😓)

Speed gate for hot
fast cram n jam action!
In a last minute decision, I decided to fab up a universal part (mainly for this build) but usable for other markers. 4.5 iterations later, I was set to swap out my force feed setup to a cram and jam! It holds firm and uses the industry standard Sock Locks for a speed gate. More variations will include quick adapters to be able to get you into limited paint games, regardless of your marker setup! (More on that in a different post...)

Indoor shooting video with Z-Balls:

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