Today was a good day...

Chiseled out the old
JB Weld & red Loctite
Today was a good day to unearth the 12 gram bucket changer from the original (unsafe) design.

Full disclosure: I'm VERY surprised that I never blew my hand off with how  this was originally designed. I rammed the bucket changer into the LPC receiver and had it snag the first part of the threading. To keep it in there, I slathered it full of JB Weld. While it never had any violent decompression on me, it was seriously not a good idea. Don't do this on your designs, no matter how much it works.

Finally got it free!
After doing a bit of research, it seems that old JB Weld can get pretty brittle. (Again, good thing I never chose to air it up again over the last 12+ years!) Other research says that you can just chisel out the bits and chunks without much effort OR you can clean it all out, chemically, with acetone. Give it a couple of days and it will be soft enough to just soften the epoxy in it so it can be brushed off. Having a major jug of it in the workshop, I thought it would be a good idea to just let it work the magic after I get off all I could. I got it all off without the need to get any nasty liquids involved!

All of this impromptu prep was for a new custom part from a different member on MCB, Kit. He was showing off a machined part he was working on that will allow any standard threaded air source to screw into the front, without any dangerous shortcuts or obvious cobbled parts. This was the perfect item to finish off my 15 year of Spydarm build! I responded to his messages and got on the list to get one shipped to me. That was this past weekend. According to the shipping and tracking, today was the day!

The only thing that's left is to make sure it's properly greased/oiled then cycle it 30 times with a 12 gram loaded to make sure it works. From there, It's all tweaks and paint!
(But that's likely going to be this weekend...)

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