A side trip on the Spydarm journey...

I've got a drop leg holster that I've had since the early 2000s that was a freebie from one of my distributors. They were trying to get me into selling Airsoft alongside of my other products. They sent me an orange tipped 9mm Beretta and this drop leg holster. I really liked the feel of this purpose built holster, but wasn't not into playing Airsoft. Not at all. Even with integrating it into my Paintball Big Game loadout, shooting 6mm pellets was not very satisfying. This was including getting eliminations. So much form over function.

I've been looking for a larger solution to this. Do I make my own, make a smaller one out of Kydex (non-drop leg), get a generic large format version for Nerf, find an expandable one on Amazon? Then it came to me!

While working on a different project, I thought it would be a good time to grab the 9mm off the wall and see if I can mod it to take the 3 tubed design of the Spydarm.

As I popped a couple of stitches, the barrel and bucket changer started to poke through. As I continued to get the front end through the bottom, the trigger guard started to get in the way. Next was to pop a few more stitches on the top side to give enough slack for the retainer strap to snap in.


A great way to carry my Spydarm safely during big games!

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