Remember those barrels I just got?

Pepperidge Farm remembers...
Preface: This post is a continuation of the CaveBall post, redacted section. If you are unfamiliar, please click HERE to get caught up.


After meeting up with fellow MCB'ers (OpusX, Nobbie333, and Myrkul) up on the topside of Jager's (Caveball) we were talking about joining into the big games on the castle/siege field. After some more discussion, Dunlager and I went to the Element and grabbed our markers to play a few rounds. (Dude chose to sit out.) He grabs a Spyder TL-X and I grab my Spump.

Dunlager thought it would be a good time to try out one of my Multiple Switch barrels I posted about a while back. It was sensual, to say the least...


After a couple of rounds, they noticed I was running a Spump. From there, we got into design cues for Spumps. Like Spyders, Spumps are like snowflakes. Dunlager also had brought his own build and ran to grab his from the E to show his off. With the next game starting we decided to go back out and sling more paint.


Hello ladies...
After coming back to staging, I showed everyone that same silly pic of all my barrel bodies connected together on my Autococker. They lost their damn minds.

Then the gears started turning...
They wanted me to connect everything together again and throw some paint over the chrono. Dunlager went out to do another round so I had to wait for him to get back with my serpent body so we can get the full effect.


He finally got back and I decided that I was all in! I screwed in the last piece and we all had speculation.
  • The ball would jam
  • The ball would get to the tip but just roll out
  • With so much back pressure, the ball would just annihilate itself on the way out
  • The ball would have so much back pressure that it would shoot super hot (300+ fps)
Since I've never launched any paint through these barrels in this configuration, I was only expecting laughs. Scientific laughs! Indeed that's what we had, plus blown minds. 

Post chronograph action
After we threw it over the chrono, everyone pushed to see if it can get any kind of distance with accuracy. We ended up talking to the refs and went to an empty field that had nothing but cement bunkers on the far end from the netted entrance. So we tried out doing full court shots. After dialing it in, it was easy to get full court shots within a foot radius. Given the nature of low end paint, I was overboring the barrel back with the paint to barrel match. While not very air efficient, it stopped breaks.

Heading back to staging after
trying full court shots
All the players were starting to take notice at this point. Funny jokes about the male anatomy and proposals for marriage came out as I was walking back to staging with the group.

So now we've come to Stage 3...


By this time, I had such a crazy huge grin over all of these results, they didn't have to do any arm twisting. I put my harness on, took 2 pods (yeah I knew I was playing with a pump... why the hell would I need 2 more pods?) and loaded up my Revvy and agreed to only play back/mid, at the requests of the refs. Everyone on the other team was jazzed up to shoot only for me. I was a definite target! 

On go, I started laying paint. In turn, I scared the hell out of a player in front of me. His head crammed into his shoulders, then he turned around and said, "oh damn, it's the mortar!" 😂

As I continued to lay paint into the main bridge, I scored a spot behind a bunker so I could get a little relief from the ineffective long ballers. 

After seeing players getting picked off at the tee-pee, I figured it was my time to shine. I booked it from bunker to bunker to get to the centrally located structure.

(I was told after the game, people were getting pissed trying to eliminate me because I was moving like a regular Speedballer... with a huge marker. They didn't expect me to be moving around with such ease! I'll tell you that my right arm was on fire!)

I made it!

I saw the 1 player that was eliminating all the tee-pee players. He was MINE!

I lined up 1 shot and hit the top lip of the bridge. He knew I was shooting for him and yelled to the players below to hit my bunker. Only 2 could afford changing me to their objective and I quickly took them out. Which put me back to my boi on the bridge. I lined up my shot one more time and hit the lip again, just to the right. One last adjustment and as he popped his head out, I NAILED HIM DEAD CENTER OF THE LENS!!!!!

At the same time, the crowed erupted like a retired wrestler just made a huge return to the ring at a PPV! I couldn't have been happier. At that point, my day was over. I had the biggest grin on my face, I had an intense amount of crowd pop going, and I didn't care if I got eliminated after that. (This was also a big factor why I didn't end up coming back after we split for the day.)

Satisfaction level - All the buenos

The Photo Gallery... OF SCIENCE!

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  1. Nice to see one of these again! I have a one piece 10" titanium bizerk with full set of inserts from this company. I don't think they ever made very many of these, I've never seen another one. It is impressively light though and it was pretty expensive.

    1. It's funny how barrel kits (and companies) come and go. I wish this company would have stuck around. I loved this concept. While not original, like Evil/PMI doing roughly the same thing, it was different for Equation USA to do the 3 piece as the back, body, and tip.

      Thanks for the comment!