Adventures In Magfed

So with this new(er) "fad" of Magfed markers being a thing, I've been curious with how they work. I'm not into the Milsim style of things and I didn't want to get into buying a new style of marker that I really think I'll enjoy, on a technical level. I'm more into the tech and design of it all. (I play pump already and that is already a limited rounds format. I don't need to invest in another one. 😖) With the advent of 3D Printers, I took to the interwebs and found a few Tippmann TMC magwells I can start messing around with.

I printed one and slapped it on the Ion for laughs. It definitely is for laughs. It's taller than a Sega CD with a Sega Genesis with a Game Shark with a 32X with a Sega Channel! (Actually it isn't... but it's so stoopid tall, I feel like I'd take a mag hit standing straight up behind a back can!) Can you imagine how fast I'd rip through 20 rounds with my Smart Parts Ion?!!?!?

Still don't know how this ended up
in my gear bag
After regaining my composure, I realized that this could be the answer to not knowing why I have a Brass Eagle Tigershark pump in my inventory! Looking at the available space on the frame and breach, there isn't enough room since the magwell will eat up space over the trigger. Back to the drawing board. (I may be able to use a TiPX magwell as it's a much smaller footprint? More of that in a future post...)

Failed print but enough to test fit
After a couple of weeks, the original designer brought out additional TMC magwell designs for a left side and right side feed. This got me thinking... I bet I could use an elbow and attach it to some of my other STBBs or maybe my Hammer? Interesting concept... Still not buying into the brown color scheme of Milsim. This might work!

Let's ROCK
After a few tries and assembly I had it! Now to test fit on another donor. Let's try the Spump!

Now I'm really feeling it!

The problem is that I still don't have any TMC mags to really try out slamming them in and stress testing out the paddle release.

On my last recball night at The Siege, I asked if they had a TMC mag that I could borrow. They were more than happy to let me test fit one! I slapped it in and it felt nice! The paddle released without any issues, too! The problem is that I was so giddy about it, I forgot to take pics.

Missed opportunity! 😭

After a couple of weeks, I was thinking that I could take the AMG feedneck and use that to clamp on a right side feed design and effectively LOWER the profile on the Spump even further!

Indeed and absolutely!

I was there on a Friday night for a tune up session the night before the 3-man and I just happened to have all my parts in the car. This time, I remembered to take pics when I asked to borrow a mag.

This thing is now freaking amazing and incredibly versatile! I can run with my Revolverloader, Mexican Gatling Gun, a 50 round Hopper, a Revvy, and now TMC Mags!

(I finally ordered 2 black mags to with the rest of my red/black color scheme on the Spump. USPS can't come fast enough!)

UPDATE: I got my 2 mags in the mail! I'm so ready to mess around with this next month!

Magfed setup, ready to go!

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