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Unit-01 - Themed after Shinji Ikari's Evangelion, Unit-01, this is no regular Spyder. It's closed bolt. Like an Autococker, the air feeds from a LPR to a 3-way actuated by the trigger. Rather than the 3-way actuating the Ram to the backblock, it cycles the Bolt directly and the Striker works on it's own from the trigger pull.

Rebuild Log

Emmie - Kingman Spyder EM1, affectionately known as Emmie. This specific unit was the ground floor for all the R&D that went into the Swan Creek Paintball N-Bolt and A-Bolt. It's an actual piece of Paintball history!

AMG LCD - Yep, it's a stock AMG LCD. Nothing should be changing on this setup since aftermarket parts are VERY hard to come by and replacing the bottomline regulator with a vert ASA reg will break the bank and ruin the mount of LP chambered volume this factory marker already allows.

Chemical X - Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! This marker has all the internals that went into a AKA Black Widow, except the Javelin. Now it is in the middle of being refreshed for 2019 and is sporting a Mako Storm eFrame!

Spump - This really needs a better name. Regardless, it's a very reliable pump conversion from a Spyder TL. Yes, it's a pump.

Hammer Bros - 2 different Kingman Hammers. One is direct feed. The other is power feed. Both piss off Mario.

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